The story of transgender from begging to the judge will blow your senses


It is said that the person can achieve everything on his own hard work. These saying fit exactly on the Joita Mandal. On saturday, when a white car with a red plate written “Judge on Duty” reached Islampur Court premises, it was not just a chance for the transgenders to celebrate, but it was a happy opportunity for the whole country.

As a transgender, the journey of the Joita Mandal to the National Lok Adalat was not so easy. From begging for living to work of social workers and then to be selected for the National Lok Adalat Bench, all these Joita saw in his life.

The founder of Trans Welfare Equity, Abhina said,”This is the first time when some one in this community has got this opportunity.

Joita was appointed to the bench on behalf of the Sub-Divisional Legal Service Committee of Islampur for the Lok Adalat on 08 July.

Joita’s office was just 10 minutes away from the bus stand where she had to sleep, because a hotel had refused to give her a room because of her transgender. Only after this subjugation did Joita intend to fight for other people like himself.

Joita’s friends who know her as the founding Chairman of the Dijanapur Notun Society, filled her message to Joita’s Facebook timeline, with congratulatory messages. In the National Lok Adalat Bench, sitting with Joita with an Additional Sessions Judge and an Advocate is awaiting hope among the people.

Talking to the News Chanel, Joita said that i am proud of this and my selection will give a tough message to the society against gender discrimination. Many issues related to Transgender Community have been working since 2011. when he arrived in the Court room with security guard in an official vehicle, everyone was stunned.



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