Companies increase their revenue several hundred times through Google Solutions

Insights_Success_ListToday the demand for digital experts for business is increasing in the global market. Companies need employees who have knowledge and practical skills in digital technology to succeed. In view of this, Google is training and providing tools to small and medium-sized businesses, developers and journalists to help India prepare for a better tomorrow. Through Google Ad Solutions, a company increased its revenue by 13 times in 18 months. Other companies have also benefited immensely.

Technology plays an important role in the development of small business in India. This allows them to discover new markets, interact with different audiences, and compete effectively. Google says that with the right information and the necessary help, even small companies can grow and become among the top companies changing the world. In view of this, Google is working on providing proper skills and tools to business honors, so that they can use the full power of the internet digitally.


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