Anita Anand appointed cabinet minister in Canada


Anita Anand of Indian origin and Hindu community has got a place in the Justin Trudeau government of Canada. Along with them, three more people of Indian origin are included, who are from Punjabi. There were four Punjabis in the previous cabinet, but Amarjeet Sohi could not win the election this time. For this reason Anita Anand of the Hindu community has been taken. Anita Anand is a professor at the University of Toronto.

Anita Anand, a law professor at the University of Toronto, was born in the city of Kentville, Nova Scotia Province. Both his parents are physicians and Indians by profession. His late mother Saroj Ram was from Amritsar, Punjab and his father is SV Anand Tamil. Anita Anand is one of the most respected citizens of Canada. Anand was also the first chairperson of the Museum of Hindu Civilization. He also did research for the Commission of Inquiry into the terrorist bombings of Air India Flight 182.

A new history has started in Canada with Hindu woman Anita Anand becoming a minister. The last time he was a minister from the Sikh community in Canada, but this time Trudeau has shot two arrows with an arrow. First, they have tried to create a balance between the two communities, while the second step can start a new relationship between India and Canada. So far Trudeau has been accused of being pro-Khalistan.

When Justin Trudeau came to India with the family in early 2018, his seven-day tour was surrounded by controversies. At that time it was said that Khalistan rebel groups are active in Canada and Justin Trudeau has sympathy for such groups. Foreign media said that tensions have increased in recent years in the governments of Canada and India due to increased support for independent Khalistan in North America.

It was due to sympathy with the Sikh separatists that India showed indifference to Trudeau’s visit. However, India rejected these allegations outright. On the controversy that arose after the visit to India, the Canadian government had made it clear that their government was against the Khalistanis.

In 2016, minorities were 22.3 percent of Canada’s total population. In 1981, only 4.7 percent of the total population of Canada was in the minority. At present, there are 15 to 16 lakh people of Indian community in Canada, of which about 5 lakh are Sikhs, the rest are from Gujarat and other states. Gujarati people have considerable support base in Canada. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Canada in 2015. It was an Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Canada after 42 years. There was a lot of arrangements made by the Hindu community to welcome Modi.

When Modi went to Vancouver, he was strongly welcomed there. The population of Hindus is close to 1.5 percent in Canada. Anita Anand can dispel the bitterness between Canada and India over the issue of Khalistan. In Vancouver, Hindu leader Vinay Sharma says that a new relationship is going to start in India and Canada. Canada is a growing country and people of Indian origin are part of its growth.

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