The US army has developed an advanced new head cover that will protect military dogs


The US military, which has a distinct identity in the world in terms of military equipment, has now taken a step to protect its military dogs. Under this, a new head cover has been developed for military dogs, this new head cover will keep their head covered and they will not get injured during any campaign. Apart from this, separate arrangements have now been made for these military dogs for safety in army helicopters so that they do not become accident victims in any way while sitting there.

Actually, while sitting in an army helicopter, there is no arrangement for these dogs, due to which they are not able to sit properly here, but only the army soldier sitting in the helicopter has to sit by holding the rope around his neck. So that they should be safe.

The Canine Auditory Protection System (CAPS) head coverings are designed to protect military dogs from harm. When these dogs are taken on military operations, their life risk increases.

The equipment designed for them will also protect them from the loud noise going into their ears. These covers are made from flexible acoustic absorption materials that filter out loud noises. They are designed in such a way that they can stretch or shrink to adjust the size and shape of the head of any animal.

Army researcher Stephen Lee said that even a short helicopter flight can affect a dog’s hearing resulting in poor performance and an inability to listen to the handler’s commands, which can hamper their mission. These new techniques protect canine during missions and can extend the dog’s working life.

The cap cover that these military dogs are wearing is about an inch thick with the Canine Auditory Protection System. It was designed to work with helmets, goggles, and other protective headgear designed for military dogs. CAPS was developed by the ZeteoTech Company, a biodens and medical technology company.

It was funded by a small business innovation research grant from the military. The major cover was extensively tested in both military and law enforcement settings, before it was officially unveiled.

Researchers were specifically focused on protecting dogs’ hearing when traveling on military helicopters. The helicopters produce noise above 90 dB. Dogs’ ears are much more sensitive than human ears. The average human cannot hear sounds higher than 20,000 Hz but dogs can hear sounds up to about 50 Hz. Dogs have three times the number of ear muscles than humans.

The US recently used military dogs to kill Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. After that special attention was paid to this. 8 heavy MH-47s and 60 MH helicopters were used in that mission. From then on, it was thought to protect the dogs to be included in the military campaign and these special covers were designed for them.

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