Durga Mandir, Ramnagar


The Durga Mandir (Temple) is arranged in Ramnagar of Banaras (or Varanasi). It is accepted that it was manufactured 500 years prior which is leveled out of illustrious group of Banaras State right now. This sanctuary is dedicated to Hindu god Durga. The sanctuary has a huge stone assembled lake with it. The Durga Mandir gloats of its fine stone works, which is a fantastic case of north Indian stone work expressions.

There is another Durga sanctuary, inside the Varanasi city, worked in the eighteenth century ignoring a lake known as Durga Kund.

Temple structure

The sanctuary depends on square shape. It has a square grounds. The principle working of sanctuary is worked of a square molded stage. The state of building is likewise square. The phase of the sanctuary contains rooms in it, which are utilized for sanctuary’s staff purposes and here and there, for Yajna. The grounds is a green grounds with trees and plants. Guest can stroll around the fundamental sanctuary working in the grounds. It’s valuable since, a few admirers stroll around the structure of sanctuaries for strict reasons in Hinduism.

The sanctuary has an immense square pond(Pushkarni) before it. The lake is with stone stairs in all sides and four watch columns on each corner. There is a shade made of stone likewise at one side of the lake.

The stone work on the dividers of sanctuary constructing likewise underlines the square shape. The sanctuary divider has plans worked in square formed squares and elaborate scribbles.


The sanctuary was worked by the kashi naresh maharaja Balwant Singh, who administered the Benaras state (Varanasi) somewhere in the range of 1738 and 1770; the individual who likewise manufactured the Ramnagar stronghold. He was prevailing by his child Raja Chait Singh (Chet singh) in 1770. The benaras state was then the vassal of the Nawab of Oudh Shuja-Ud-Daula. After the demise of Nawab of Oudh in 1775, the primary representative general of British India Warren Hastings chose to assume control over the administration of the Benaras state. He forced unreasonable expenses like 2.3 million rupees and an extra war duty of 5 lakhs rupees on raja chait singh which was hesitantly paid by the ruler. In 1778 the East India organization requested 2000 mounted troop from raja Chait singh which was overlooked by the lord. Later the organization diminished its interest to 1000 mounted soldiers. Ruler offered the organization 500 mounted and 500 infantrymen which acknowledged by the organization however lord neglected to give such officers. Warren Hastings requested the two sepoy organizations to capture the ruler of Benaras. The sepoy organizations attacked the capital of Benaras state Ramnagar from its western side. The durga sanctuary arranged at the limit of the western side of the capital Ramnagar and henceforth turned into the main casualty of that assault. The British sepoy organization attempted to destroy the sanctuary by groups. A few rounds of standard were terminated on the sanctuary and a significant bit of the sanctuary was demolished. A dark colored fix set apart by rounds of ordinance on the highest point of the sanctuary is obviously recounting to the account of that assault. After a savage war between the military of Benaras and the British East India organization, the military of benaras lost the fight. The lord some how gotten away from the fortress of ramnagar by a passage and was ousted for a long time. After this the Benaras state went under the centrality of the British realm and governed by successor of raja chait singh under the name of the sovereign of England. The new leaders of Benaras state needed to reproduce the harmed bit of the sanctuary precisely same as the first however because of the mind boggling plan of the sanctuary nobody approached. The lord declared strong prize for building the sanctuary. One individual approached and guaranteed the lord to make the sanctuary precisely equivalent to the first and on account of his disappointment, he will hop off the highest point of the sanctuary and execute himself. He manufactured the whole sanctuary precisely the equivalent however neglected to reproduce the top plan of the sanctuary. At the point when he understood that he has flopped in his guarantee he hopped off the highest point of the sanctuary. His virtuoso work can be thought about now by nitty gritty perception of the models which endure the assault the figures which was worked by him.

It was additionally accepted that the sanctuary initially gave to Lord Vishnu however because of some paranormal exercises in the sanctuary aggravate, the Brahmins of the court of the ruler recommended to change over the sanctuary to god Durga.

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