Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he eats seven meals a week and meditate for two hours daily


From healthy diet to exercise, people do everything that they can to keep themselves healthy. But if the same thing comes to celebrities, then its level increases. Celebrities follow more strict rules to keep themselves fit. This has been revealed recently.

In fact, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently revealed his lifestyle. During the interview, he told that he used to eat only once a day to keep himself fit and went to the office on foot.

According to media reports, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey revealed his lifestyle and diet plan, stating that he eats only one time a day and according to this, he eats only seven times in seven days of the week.

Jack told during the interview that his lifestyle also included some other things, such as bathing with ice water. Bathing with cold water every day opens their mind and makes them feel energetic. Apart from this, the CEO of Twitter said that he also makes time for meditation every day. Meditation takes about two hours every day, so that they can keep themselves calm and calm.

Jack told in the interview that he likes to have fish, chicken and green vegetables at dinner. According to Dorsey, he goes to office on foot and takes too much vitamin-C daily. All this helps them in maintaining their fitness and energy. He also told that when he has sweet craving, he likes to eat barries and dark chocolate in sweet.


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