By Burying humans in this special coffin, plants will get special nutrients

A Dutch company 'Loop' from the Netherlands has created a coffin that completely destroys the human body. Coffins are usually made of wood, but the company has made this coffin from fungus. It is a biodiggable coffin offered by the company.

The company says that after death, the body itself slowly disintegrates, but with this special coffin, the body of the deceased will be completely mixed into the soil and it will serve as a nutrient for the tree plants. . The company has named this coffin as 'Living Coffin' for these specific reasons. The company has priced its special coffin at 1,500 euros, which is about one and a quarter million rupees in Indian currency.

The company says that the people whose bodies will be buried in it will be able to give life to countless trees and plants even in the dead state. According to Reuters, the Loop Company says that the outer walls of this coffin are made of mycelium. This substance is actually a part of a fungus like mushroom resembling the roots inside the soil.

A thick layer of moss has been laid in this coffin on the inside, which helps to speed up the disintegration of the body. Talking to Reuters, its creator Bob Hendrix stated that mycelium is in fact one of nature's best recycling agents. According to him, mycelium constantly looks for food and converts it into nutrients for plants.

Another important property of mycelium is that it can also lick toxic substances and turn them into nutrients useful for plants. According to Hendrix, Mylium was used extensively to clean the soil after Russia's Chernobyl nuclear accident. The same thinking was behind preparing the coffin prepared with this special substance. He said that when dead bodies are buried in the ground, the soil there becomes very polluted.

But this will not happen because of the coffin. The mycelium used in this coffin will get its favorite metals, oils and microplastics and the soil nutrients will also return.

The company says that the process of making this coffin is also very special. It is grown like any plant. It takes seven days to grow a coffin in this way. The loop company lab at the Delft Technical University in the Netherlands employs a simple coffin mold for mounting it.

For the mycelium to flourish, it is mixed with thin layers of wood and spread on this mold. After seven days, it is taken out of the mold and then left to dry for a few days.

It can also bear about 200 kg after drying. In 30 to 45 days after the coffin is buried in the soil along with the dead body, the coffin comes into contact with the water present in the earth. In its 2 to 3 years, the dead body kept in it will also be completely destroyed. According to the company, bodies buried in traditional coffins take up to two decades to be destroyed.

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