200 times more radiation on moon than earth

NASA is once again going to send astronauts to the moon. When women astronauts reach the moon in 2024, they will have to face 200 times more radiation than the Earth on its surface. For the first time, information about radiation on the lunar surface has been revealed.A study in the journal Science Advances revealed that China's Cheng 4 robotic spacecraft landed on the lunar surface on 3 January 2019. Which measured radiation from Germany's Länder Neutron and Dosimetry instrument.Many scientists including researchers from the German Aerospace Center were involved in the study. Radiation can have a detrimental effect on the health of astronauts.

According to the study, astronauts of the Moon mission will face an average daily radiation equivalent to 1,369 microsavers per day. This radiation received daily to the crew of the International Space Station is 2.6 times higher than the dose.

Astronauts face many types of harmful radiation in space, due to which the Earth's atmosphere. They protect us to a great extent. This includes galactic cosmic rays, sporadic solar chambers (they accelerate when the Sun transmits these particles). At the same time neutron and gamma rays originate from the radiation of space and the mutual process of the lunar soil.

Radiation is energy, which is emitted in electromagnetic waves or particles. Which includes visible light and heat (infrared radiation) that we can feel and not others like x-rays and radio waves.

Robert Weimer Schwingerber, a professor of physics at the University of Kiel, Germany, said that we measured the level of radiation on the Moon that is 200 times above the Earth's surface and 5 to 10 times the Frankfurt flight from New York.He has also been associated with studies. According to the study, astronauts face the highest risk, as exposure to galactic cosmic rays can lead to cancer and similar diseases of the central nervous system or other organ systems.

The astronauts have been present at the international station for over a year. This station is in Earth's protective magnetic field. This means that astronauts are exposed to 10 times more radiation than Earth.Even though it there is much less than in space, which is present inside and within space.

Mars mission takes two to three years, so there will be a possibility of higher dose during the mission. NASA has said that protective measures will be adopted. Studies are also being done on medicines. This can help prevent radiation. 

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